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Fullname:Charrie Barros Billan
NickName:Pitchie also known as Dj kentchie
Born On:Oct. 5 1986 in Loctugan Roxas City, Capiz, PHILIPPINES
Height:5'6 ft.
Weight:125 lbs
Colour of Hair:Black
Colour of Eyes:Black
Father:Cesar Deocampo Billan
Mother:Bibiana Contreras Barros
Siblings:Julius Ceasar, Rose Sheen,Jannie Jean, John Paul, Jeffry, John Carl, June Eric.
Present Boyfriend:Clark Kent Ledesma
Favorite Foods:Spaghetti, shawarma, sushi, fried chicken, butterfinger chocolate she like so much.
Favorite Movies:The piano, Reservoir dogs, Silence of the lambs, Grease, Titanic, A walk to remember, Twilight Series, Cinderella, Blue lagoon.Etc
Favorite Musics:Gregorian music, Indigo girls, The verve, Oasis, Crowded houre, The sundays, Partishead, Owl city, Glee, Usher
Favorite Actors & Actress:Robert Pattinson, Ewan mcgregor, Tom Cruise, Leonardo de caprio, Ben affleck, Ethan Hawk, Josh harnett, Christopher atkins, Brookeshield, Kate winslet, Kate Beckinsale, Kristen stewart, Ema watson.
Hobbies:Chatting, Listening music, Reading magazine & books, Playing online games.
Other Facts:Presently working at RMPH
Quotes:Smile even though your heart is aching, Smile even though its breaking
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